Yuzu Anniversary

yuzu anniversary set

3 x the Vitamin C than any other Citrus

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Rise + Shine Gentle Cleanser: 
120 ml/4.05 Fl. Oz. (Full Size)
Yuzu Vitamin C  Sleep Mask:
50 ml/1.69 Fl. Oz. (Full Size)
Mini Wide Awake Brightening Eye Cream: 
15 ml/0.51 Fl. Oz. (Full Size)
Waterfall Glacier Water Cream: 
50 ml/1.69 Fl. Oz. (Full Size)
Yuzu Candle
Saturday Skin Water Bottle
22 Oz.

Create a perfect relaxation with this Limited Edition Yuzu Anniversary Set. This set is all about hydration. You have everything you need to cleanse, hydrate and pamper yourself while relaxing and rejuvenating with Yuzu vitamin C sleep mask and Yuzu Candle. It works overnight to soothe skin, support better barrier function, and improve dryness so skin feels hydrated, supple and smoother. Also, don't forget to take your Saturday Skin water bottle everywhere and stay hydrated!

    All Skin Types

Rise + Shine Gentle Cleanser: Squeeze cleanser into the palm of your hand, emulsify, then using a circular motion apply all over. Rinse off.

Mini Wide Awake Brightening Eye Cream: Apply cream to the tip of the ring finger. Dot in a “C” formation to the under eye. Use a tapping motion for maximum absorption.

Yuzu Vitamin C Sleep Mask: Apply after moisturizer. -Leave on overnight. May be used three to five times a week.

Waterfall Glacier Water Cream: Place moisturizer into the palm of your hand. Using all four fingers, apply in an outward circular motion tapping the moisturizer into skin.